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Joseph Rehearsal Tracks

These are researsal tracks of us singing various songs from the show. Most were recorded during the first music rehearsals for the particular song so they are certainly not as good as they will be, but they are a hell of a lot better than when we are on stage blocking the actions. The good thing about these is that they include the piano in the arrangement that we will be using for the show unlike the oringial cast recording for example which is sometimes a bit different. They also give you the other voices to practice against, which I find helps when practicing on your own.

A full running sheet can be found here.

Act I

Song Backing
Overture (pg 1 of score) No Backing
1. Prologue (pg 9) Backing
2. Part 1 – Jacob and Sons (pg 18)
Some narrators missing in track
2. Part 2 – Joseph’s Coat (pg 24) Backing
3. Joseph’s Dreams (pg 35) Backing
4. Poor, Poor Joseph (pg 42)
NB: Bro’s Rhythm not good at bar 23. Don’t have track with this right.
5. One more Angel/Hoedown (pg 48) No full Backing
6a. Potiphar (pg 70) No Full Backing
7. Close every door to me (pg 81) No Backing
8. Go, Go, Go Joseph (pg 89)
This is the full song but it is a complete schomozzle, will post a better one when we sing this better.
8a. Go, Go, Go Joseph Reprise (pg 105) No Backing

Act II

Song Backing
9. Entr’acte (pg 111) Backing
10. A Pharaoh’s Story (pg 117) No Full Backing
11. Poor, Poor Pharaoh/Song of the King (pg 126) Backing
Song of the King (pg 129) Checking
11a. Song of the King Reprise (pg 139) Checking
12. Pharaoh’s Dream Explained (pg 150) Checking
13. Stone the Crows (pg 155) Checking
14. Those Canaan Days (pg 162) Checking
15. The Brothers Come to Egypt/Grovel, Grovel (pg 174) Checking
16. Who’s the Thief? (pg 188) Checking
17/18. Benjamin Calypso/Joseph All the Time (pg 194) Checking
18. Joseph All the Time (204) Checking
19. Jacob in Egypt (pg 207) Checking
20. Any Dream Will Do (pg 210) Checking
21. Close Every Door to Me Reprise (pg 219) Checking
22. Megamix (pg 226) Checking
23. Act 2 Playout Checking

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  • 1 Stuart // Oct 16, 2013 at 1:40 am

    any chance of having these on a zip file?

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