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Songs from Stage to Screen

These are songs that I would like to try out!!

Song Show Comment
If I can’t love her Beauty and the Beast Great orchestral accompaniment.
Click here for a clip from the New Zealand version of the stage show. It has a short section at the start immediately before the song where the Beast accidently hurts Belle and she flees the castle promting the song.
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables Les Misrables Great song from a great show.
The Dentist Song Little Shop of Horrors Little shop of horrors is such a great show and has excellent music. This is yet another excellent character number from the show.
Hello Little Girl Into the Woods A great character song, great with a little red riding hood
Stars Les Misrables Another Great song from Les Mis
Sunset Boulevard Sunset Boulevard Not a very widely performed show but it has some excellent Jazz styled music.

These songs are ones that are in the show

Right click the links and either save them to your own computer or open them in a new tab, otherwise they will open in this window and you will have to use the back button to get back here.

Song Show Comment
Dangerous Game Jekyll and Hyde A great backing track. The starting note for lucy is played at 5 seconds then there is a long pause where lucy sings unaccompanied, at 25 seconds the music comes in just as she sings the word “spine”. The lyrics can be found here.
Right click here and open in a new tab to see a clip of the broadway version. The sound quality is a little dodgy but good performaces.
Season’s of Love Rent A good backing track, the percussion gives it just that little bit more drive than piano only versions and the hammond organ in the accompaniment is brilliant
One day more Les Miserables Also great backing track. Extra introduction than in the show and the last note cuts off a bit suddenly rather than enjoying the massive ending. But apart from that very good. Certainly it is excellent for learning the song.
Masquerade Phantom of the Opera Good minimalist track which provides a rhythmic accompaniment for the voices.
Right Click here and select open in a new tab for a scene from the movie version of Phantom of the opera.

These songs are not in the show yet but should be because they are great!!

Song Show Comment
Suddenly Seymour Little Shop of Horrors One of the best duets of all times. Particularly made great by Ellen Greene in the movie and later in the Broadway version. The lyrics can be found here. There is a great part for a gospel trio in the later part of this song. These vocals are also included in this backing track.
Right click here and open in a new tab for a great You Tube Video of Suddenly Seymour from the movie with Rick Moranis as Seymour and Ellen Greene as Audry
Prima Donna Phantom of the Opera A great ensemble number for seven parts, includes piangi the operatic tenor. Great for two good baritones and a great soprano.
Click here for the film version. It is pretty good. The managers aren’t quite as good as the originals vocally but play great characters. The various parts are also quite clear in it, better than the original for hearing what they are all saying. It sounds like the entire chorus come in at the end which isn’t usual in the stage version.

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