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Starting Intermittent Fasting

February 10th, 2014 · 1 Comment

As described in a previous post I am trying the 2 days on 5 days off intermediate fasting protocol.

My baseline data before going onto Intermittent fasting is shown below:

DEXA Data (as of 5/2/2014 Wed)

  • Total Mass: 92.6615kg
  • Lean Mass: 69.4801kg
  • Fat Mass: 19.9229kg
  • % Fat: 21.5%

BMI (as of 4/2/2014 Tue)

  • Height: 186cm
  • Nude Weight: 90.4kg (weight immediately before start of fasting)
  • BMI: 26.13 kg/m2


Blood Test (as of 30/1/2014)

  • Cholesterol: 4.8mmol/L
  • Glucose Fasting: 5.1mmol/L
  • Total Protein: 70g/L

Lipid Chemistry (as of 22/8/2012)

  • Cholesterol:  5.1mmol/L
  • HDL:  2.26mmol/L
  • LDL: 2.6mmol/L

Blood Pressure

  • In Doctors office (30/1/2014 10:45am): 148/76
  • Microlife Monitor in my office (5/2/2014 9:20am):
  • BP 125/78
  • HR: 55bpm

Waist Measurements (as of 9/2/2014 Sun, 7am)

  • Umbilical: 101cm (relaxed)
  • Hips: 106cm (level of greater trochanter of femur)

Cognitive Test

  • Haven’t done yet


I am on my third fasting day today.  I will likely make my fasting days Monday and Thursday from now on.  I just wanted to get the DEXA Scan done before I started.  From what I have experienced so far intermittent fasting will be easy to maintain as the hunger isn’t too bad and you eat normally the following day so it is no problem.  I am purposely having my entire 25% kJ intake at night so that I have a semi-normal evening meal and therefore don’t feel overly hungry going to bed.  Also I wanted to maximise the length of time I was fasted to make my insulin levels as low as possible for as long as possible thereby promoting fat breakdown.

My first day of Fasting was Wed 5/2/2014.  I felt quite hungry by lunch, but just kept working.  Whenever I felt a pang of hunger I would drink water, not just as a distraction but also to make sure I kept hydrated.  For dinner I kept to my 25% of my recommended intake which for me is 2175kJ.  I had:

  • Meat Pie: 1070kJ
  • Frozen spring vegetables (200g): 2 x 181g = 362kJ
  • Ranch Dressing (15mL): 298kJ
  • Peach Ice Tea (600mL):  293kJ
  • Total = 2023.5kJ

I made my second day Friday 7/2/2014 so my fast days weren’t consecutive.  I felt noticeably less hungry on this day.  I had an aggravating night setting up a new printer I bought to get some DVDs printed that I needed to get done and didn’t end up getting around to dinner until 12:30am or so, so just didn’t bother and went to bed.  The next day I didn’t really feel hungry before breakfast.  I am surprised how quickly you stop feeling hungry on these fasts.  I expected to get more and more hungry until it was unbareable.  But the hunger is quite mild during the fast days and it tends to go away over night.

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  • 1 Jennifer // Dec 11, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    Yeah it’s strange. Sometimes I get hungy after 2 hours, or when I wake up, but then it goes away and doesn’t bohter me (apart from the occasional pang). Especially if I’m busy I don’t think about food. I usually break the fast at noon, but that’s just because my watch tells me to (well sometimes)

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